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Northern Michigan Women’s Club Began in 1984



Eighteen Harbor Springs women met at the New York Restaurant and voted to form an independent, non-profit organization for the purpose of working towards the betterment of the community.


Membership grew to 50 members in two years.  The Club’s first fundraiser was a 32-booth Bazaar set up in the Holy Childhood’s quonset hut. The Club chose a Wednesday because that was the day most women from Harbor Point and Wequetonsing came to town. The Bazaar was a success, making $1200 that first day.  Eventually the Bazaar became the annual Art Fair and was moved to the Harbor Springs High School, and later to Nubs Nob.


Today, membership is over 200, but the purpose of this organization has remained the same; to learn about the community and to serve the community. 









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